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In Memory Of Garbage4Dinner

Posted by ComicalCoAnimations - June 18th, 2019

Garbage4Dinner aka Haylie just recently deleted her Newgrounds and YouTube accounts. All that art was lost but by searching through Google, I found out it was still on the internet, hidden in a way. So I made this G4D Archive of all the art of her's I could find through Google, and here is the link to the archive https://www.g4darchive.com. I only found 4 of her drawings, but if I find more I will update the website. Garbage4Dinner was a good person. She cared for us and we cared for her. But I didn't meet her until a few days before her birthday so I didn't know her very well. Well, maybe there's a way, maybe one of us will see her sometime in the future. Maybe she will go back online, but that's not really our choice. All we have to do is wait and see! :)


Comments (8)

That's a really cool thing you're doing, Cedric.
If you ever get tired of the wix stuff I'd be more than happy to help with the project and even host it.


Aww man that sucks,hope she comes back better than ever! And good job my man you made a good desicsion.

sorry for being a curious asshole,but what happened?why did she deleted her account?

idk. She just deleted it.

@Rejectdoodles @ComicalCoAnimations maybe hes rebranding??????????thats the best good answer i can think of,i hope she alrigtyh and didn snap or anything

well according to her last news post it said that her life was sucky and she wouldn't be online for a while

Wow, that last part was hecka deep! Also, we will all miss her...

I feel sad for her, I was to make of episode about her and i lost it ?

It’s about time you made a news post.

I'm very sorry..

hey look you're back